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First steps

Contact Oaklee Services Centre or your scheme co-ordinator for an informal discussion about the issue you are unhappy about. We will try to sort out your problem quickly and to your satisfaction.
If it is about a repair, a member of staff will either visit your home to look at the problem or we will send someone out to carry out (or correct) the repair.

Formal complaint or appeal
If you are not happy with the steps already taken, or you would rather refer the problem to someone else, please ask to be put through to our Customer Services Officer. You can write a letter or send an e-mail or, if you prefer, you can phone the Customer Services Officer who will fill in a complaints form and send you a copy.

The Officer will send you a letter of acknowledgement immediately and pass your complaint to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive or one of our directors will investigate the problem and get back to you with a response within 14 working days.

Most complaints are sorted out at this stage.

If you are still unhappy after the investigation, you can ask the Customer Services Officer to refer your complaint to an independant nominee who will then review the complaint and investigate it along with a represntative of the Tenants’ Forum.